Welcome to our Regulatory Disclosure Hosting Service

Welcome to Pillar3 (“P3”) our regulatory disclosure service which has been established as a disclosure venue for European regulated credit institutions and investment firms (“firms”). Originally a hosting service for Pillar 3 disclosure, we have now extended our services to include Remuneration Code and Stewardship Code disclosure too.


P3 has been developed to allow firms to meet their public disclosure obligations in a cost effective manner when the firm determines that financial statements or other forms of public disclosure media are not appropriate.


At P3 we host a firm’s disclosures on a private dedicated webpage to which your firm can direct its clients from its financial statements or any other form of disclosure medium. Upon request we can include your disclosure in our listing of public disclosures.


P3 is a straightforward, flexible and economical way of meeting your regulatory disclosure obligations.

Pillar3 is owned by Wheelhouse Advisors; a specialist provider of prudential management, regulatory reporting, accounting, tax, human resources consultancy and outsourcing solutions. Please visit our website for more details.